It’s June! So man exciting things happening!

Construction of the incubator will begin tomorrow! All components are sitting here on my desk 🙂 Well–aside from Duct Tape. I can’t believe I forgot Duct Tape!!! 😐 My husband should have fun putting that together 😉 (actually, he probably will!)

I caved and purchased a little girl outfit to put under our mattress 😡 It could help, right? And hey, worst-case scenario, I’ve still got the receipt for it (or I can donate it–it’s so cute–a sweet little pink thing with Pandas! I love Pandas ♥) “They” also say you should add a wooden spoon–but as our bed has those slats instead of a box-spring, putting the outfit under it will be hard enough! I don’t even think it would be possible to put a spoon–wooden or otherwise!–down below!

I am SO bummed–my camera seems to be not working 😦 I think I shall cry! I wanted to take some pics of the whole thing before it’s set up and, of course, after 😦 Meh. I guess I could take some pics with my phone and hope that I can figure out what’s wrong with it in the interim. I honestly hope that I do. I can’t imagine how much it would suck not having a real camera for this whole deal… my cell phone doesn’t take great pics 😦

Ah, well. Here’s to hoping that that is the only thing that goes wrong!

My goals for June: TO BECOME PREGNANT! hahaha. Well.. of course.. it’s really to become pregnant with a healthy baby/babies that is/are born healthy and whole after 40 weeks gestation. With a side order of “PLEASE lets have a girl!!”. Yaknow–nothing huge x)

I’m really hoping that this wish of mine comes true. Honestly, whether it’s a girl or a boy, twins, singleton, whatever–I really do just.. want to get pregnant at this point. I’m really not one for waiting 😡 We’ll see! Wish us luck! First Pics (hopefully!!!) tomorrow!!!


I can’t believe I’m looking at a CRIB…

So seriously? I’m a co-sleeper, through and through. Honestly, there’s NOTHING better. And for the occasions when they’re sleeping and I’m not, pop ’em on the bed before that “rolling” stage and during that rolling (or even scooting/crawling stage!) there’s the Pack n’ Play.

Being faced with having another baby, however, puts things in a different sort of perspective.

I’m fairly certain that our youngest will still be snoozing in bed with us by the time the new kiddo joins the family. And that’s Ok (unless we have multiples.. then.. not so much). The only time I think I would truly be concerned is nap times.. when the current littlest two are awake.

Now, my elder 3 were old enough when our 4th was born to know how fragile and delicate (hah!) new babies are. So it was never an issue. However, our fourth–when our fifth was born–was a whole different story! He just thought that he could play with him the same way he played with his older brothers. I can’t fault him–but it made nap times less than ideal.

I’m not sure when I made this decision–but I think that this little one is going to actually have a crib. If not for night time (because I seriously doubt I could not co-sleep with a newborn!)  then at least for those nap times throughout the day. If for nothing else, for safety.

I came across this gem in my searches. The STOKKE® SLEEPI™. Oh my goodness, but I love this system! I just LOVE it! I know pretty much all cribs “grow” with the baby these days–which is a good thing! But I absolutely love the way this one does it (the only down side is that it’s not a “true” convertible–you have to buy kits to get it to “grow” and they system is expensive, regardless. This and the bedding is expensive and, of course, you have limited options) However, these things aside, I still absolutely love it–and I will actually be scouring the Internet for one (as cheaply as possible!) because I’ve now got my heart set on it. (And considering how “anti-crib” I am, to me that’s a pretty big deal!)