Welcome to Trying for Chaos!

Welcome to you, all! I’m unsure how you found your way to my little blog–but welcome! Hopefully you will enjoy our journey trying to conceive Chaos!

In this blog, I will be using At Home Extreme Gender Swaying and going into as much detail as possible! (You know–without getting too crazy with the TMI :p) If anything is too graphic–which I don’t anticipate–I will be sure to warn you in advance!

The methods I will be using are based on a compilation of my own personal research–but they will mainly be using methods that I found in the Gender Treasure Trove–in-gender.com! We will be attempting to use the Swim Up method (a.k.a. SU) method coupled with O+12 (Ovulation plus 12 hours). These methods–hypothetically–will help us to conceive a girl! And let’s face it–I’m completely willing to give it a shot after 5 boys, even though it’s not a “100% guaranteed” method!  🙂

So enjoy your stay!