The line is getting darker!

So I’ve been testing for ovulation pretty much constantly since the 6th. Well, no, that’s not entirely true… One the 6th I only did one and on the 7th I did two. The 8th I did three 😡 The positive line is still way too light, so it’s still negative–but it’s there! The first 2 days, I had nothing but the control line. So yay! So stoked 🙂 Basically from now until I get a strong positive, I’m just going to be testing every time I have to go to the bathroom (Ok, well maybe every other time–this liquid diet has me in the bathroom pretty much constantly! It’s almost like being pregnant already x))

The first experiment was a total flop, by the way–I had my husband give me the sample in a cup. Which was great. BUT getting it OUT of the cup was pretty much impossible. And while he gave a very large sample, most of it stuck to the cup. So I ended up with less than half of what he gave me with no way of getting the rest out 😦  Regardless, I was prepared to have a go with the little I’d retrieved–until I dropped the tube and that spilled out everywhere. Honestly–I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to pull this off, at all. How on earth does one transfer the sample to the test tube without losing half (or more!) of it? I know some people use a condom–but I can’t see how that would be much better, at all 😦 I don’t know… I guess I’ll give it a shot… but really, at this stage I’m just feeling kinda “bleh” and completely worried that I won’t be able to do it, at all. I’d have him just deposit the sample straight in the tube–but it’s far too narrow (and also far too tall–I actually have to cut it so that I’ll be able to get the syringe down there to suck off the egg whites…) Sigh.

Oh, well–there’s always tomorrow! I will have to pick up some condoms at the store (also need garbage bags hahaha) and we can try it that way tomorrow 🙂


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