My ~Sway~

Just for reference–in case anyone wants to read it (and so I can show my darling daughter how hard I had to work for her hahaha), I’m going to write my sway up, here! (Well, copy it from where I’d already written it :p)

NAME     -wingless
Gender Resulted     -girl
Swaying Attempt – Natural  details?     -uhm.. natural w/shallow penetration & no female orgasm (hardest thing EVER!)

CM Ph     -4.5
DH Ph     -7
Douche type and when     -n/a
Replens and when     -n/a
Big O     -No

Calcium     -12600mg per day
Magnesium     -400mg per day
Potassium     -n/a
Sodium     -n/a
DH minerals     -630mg per day of calcium, 400mg per day magnesium

Dietary Changes     -IG Girl Diet 3 months (give or take a week)
Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long?     -about 1.5/2 weeks. We weren’t really trying (though we did reamain strictly on the diet), since we decided on IVF/PGD because we though we were out yet again
Caffeine     -n/a
DH caffeine     -n/a

Drinks     -n/a
Supplements     -B6 200mg per day

Cranberry     -3360mg per day
Acidophilus     -n/a
Sudafed     -n/a
Others     -Baby Aspirin, Folic Acid 800mcg per day
DH supps     -630mg per day of calcium, 400mg per day magnesium, Cranberry 3360mg per day

BD cutoff (# of days)     -Not 100% sure.. either a 3 or 4 day cut-off.  We were moving, so I’m not 100% when I ovulated 😦
BD thru O     -Pretty sure no
O+12     -Think it was more like O+18 or so…
Frequent BD/how many days     -Husband frequent release (at least 2x per day)
Charting O with Temp     -No
Charting O with OPK     -No
Fertility monitor used/type     -n/a
Suspected O date     -June 30/July 3

Oed in what moon phase     -Full 😦
Changed ions in other ways?     – -ion bracelets, roze quartz, hematite, -ion panty liners, rock salt lamps, fans, rock salt candle holders, beeswax candles, black tourmaline, loads of showers, lavender lotion, lavender shampoo, lavender conditioner, more fans!

How many kids do you have?     -5
What sex(es)?     -Boys
# of months TTC     -full on TTC, 2 months. Passively TTC, 2 years
Your Age     -30
BD position     -misc. but always with shallow penetration
Jump and dump     -no
EWCM present/how much?     -very little
DH undies type     -boxers
DH hot bath/shower     -hot shower
OWT – anything under bed?     -embarrassing, but yes! I had a girly outfit under each bed and even under the couch! (just in case hahah)

COMMENTS?        -my biorythms (right for my boys) lined up nicely in “girl” territory, my husband’s were neutral, officially Summer, Sexwizard (right for my boys) says Girl, Chinese Gender charts are in agreement with Sexwizard, So I guess it could be worse… though the full moon really (potentially) messes things up 😦 All in all, it was a decent sway. We didn’t think I’d actually ovulated, so we didn’t do EGS like we’d planned. We also didn’t continue the diet til BFP like we’d originally planned because–well, we thought I didn’t ovulate, and we were going to go straight to IVF/PGD, so it was about 2-3 weeks after I ovulated when we stopped the diet and supplements (did stop cranberry on the 3rd and slowly weaned off the B6 over the past 2 weeks but continued with the rest of the supplements til BFPs then stopped all but baby aspirin and folic acid. If we get a boy, I know that we did all we could and we just weren’t meant to have a girl 🙂 (to be honest, though, I’m already 99% sure we did conceive another boy, despite everything! I will of course update when we know, but if we’re going on gut feeling, I’m going to have to say we got boy #6 rather than girl #1!!!)

I’m still pretty shocked.. but pretty excited!

Please keep in mind–swaying is NOT 100%. There’s no concrete proof that any of the above there actually did manage to help us conceive a girl. Of course, since it’s the first time I did it, I’d like to think it did.. but there’s really no way to tell. It could have just been our turn–or something completely unrelated!

Having said that–I do stress that the supplements and the diet (which drastically changed my pH and my husband’s pH) would probably be most imperative. I also think the B6 helped me in particular. I think EGS would have upped our chances a great deal, too!

For anyone trying this, please remember that even if you have the PERFECT sway, you may not end up having the boy or girl that you want. Even saying that, I still think you should put all your effort into doing it right because–to me, if that had resulted in another precious boy, I would have thought “well, I did everything I could do–I was just meant to have another precious boy”–but if I hadn’t suffered through the diet and supplements, (no need to lie about it–the diet was miserable!) I would have always thought “..what if”.

In the end, sway–and sway as hard as you can (while remaining healthy)–but don’t be crushed if it doesn’t work. The only guarantee is High Tech!

Good luck, everyone!



So we’re going to do EGS. We’re only doing it for 2 months and if we don’t get pregnant, then we’re definitely sticking with IVF/PGD mid January.

If I do get pregnant, we will hope it’s a girl. (Which it won’t be, of course, but I’m going through the plan, so bear with me :p) IF it’s a girl, then we cancel our IVF/PGD plans.

If it’s another boy (which it will be, of course), then we schedule IVF/PGD for early 2012 (as soon as my cycles are regular again).

I can live with that. And I can be happy with that.

Guess it’s a good thing that I stayed on the diet, huh? hehehe. Since af is gone, we’re taking supplements again now. My pH seems the exact same (hovers between 4.5 and 4.9) as does my husbands (7-8).

So I don’t lose, either way 🙂 I mean, short of being pregnant twice rather than just once if EGS doesn’t work (which it won’t–let’s be realistic…) unless, of course, I don’t get pregnant from the EGS attempts and we just go straight to IVF/PGD in January.

Ok. Phew. Got that all out.

Now–I’ll be updating this more often and I’ve got a tiny little camera so I can take slightly better pics 🙂 We’re going to be doing SU/TBM daily between today and the 4th of July. Fun times! I’m actually contemplating doing it every other day though… hmm..

Anyway, yeah–I’ll be taking some pics of tonight’s “experiment” and will post them either tonight or tomorrow. 🙂

Quick update…

As you are all aware–we’d decided on saving up for High Tech (IVF and PGD) to ensure that our next pregnancy would, in fact, be the girl we both are desperate for, since I am not 100% comfortable with EGS and even Microsort doesn’t have high enough odds for me.

Some things are changed–some are the same.

We’re still planning on IVF/PGD. But it’s been brought to my attention that trying again after an EGS attempt would be something to consider. The only thing is me. My husband would love to have 100 kids. I wouldn’t mind that, either–aside from the fact that I’m really not a fan of pregnancy (childbirth is different–that’s “easy”–pregnancy kicks my ass, though) He said that he’s really not as comfortable with IVF/PGD (the “extra” embryos) and that he would like to try with EGS first and, if it ends up giving us another boy, then without question, we would 100%, no questions asked do IVF/PGD as soon as we were able to after our 6th son was born.

I can’t see where I would really lose in that situation… aside from having to be pregnant one more time than I’d wanted to. I’d get another son, which would not be bad at all if I could be guaranteed a girl after him. (And hey–I’m the one who wanted twins–a boy and a girl ideally–so I’d get that.. sort of ;))

I realize I’m probably being sort of anti-feminist, my body, my choice, etc. etc. But his concern about the “extra” embryos is a very valid one to me. Mainly because it also is a concern for me–just to a lesser degree than it is to him. I would rather not have to go through all that (not even considering the monetary aspect–just all the shots and drugs etc. etc.)

So I’m going to think about it.

I’ll give it a week or two. I’m still on the diet (why, I do not know) and everything (just not taking supplements since I’m still having af visit urgh!), so we’d be able to “try” as soon as I ovulate again. I guess I just–at this stage–have to decide if having one more pregnancy or two for the comfort of our collective conscience verses the physical discomfort. I would like to figure it out before af stops… just to maximize everything and because I’d have to start taking the supplements as soon as she leaves.  I’m guessing I have 48 hours before she’s 100% gone… let’s hope I have come to a decision by them.


I’m drowning in pills…

Got my supplements sorted out… I’m taking from now until we get knocked up:

  • Calcium Citrate (with Vitamin D 200IUI per pill): 12600mg per day (2, 315mg pills, 2x a day)
  • B6 200mg per day
  • Baby Aspirin
  • Magnesium 400mg per day
  • Folic Acid 800mcg per day
  • Cranberry (Plus Vitamin C) 3360mg per day (1 1680mg pill, 2x a day)

My husband is taking he same stuff I listed in this post, aside from the fact that he’s taking 2 Calcium Citrate (with Vitamin D 200IUI per pill) which equals 630mg per day of calcium for him.

Seriously. SO.MANY.PILLS. Ugh. I hope we are successful in June..  cuz I really don’t want to have to take all of these for so long. Seriously. It sucks 😦 (Yes–it will be worth it, if we’re successful–no question about it.. which is why we’re doing it x) )

(Almost) All Signs Point to Girl!

So I checked when I’m supposed to be ovulating in June… between June 10th and June 15th…

Then on a whim, I went to check the new moon phase for June.. it’s supposed to be a new moon on June 15th…

Biorythms (which–like ions–are totally confusing to me…) for my husband June 15th are all in the negative…

Biorythms for myself on June 15th are all positive (a low positive, but still positive)…

It will be “Summer” June 15th…

Sexwizard says Girl for conception on June 15th…

Chinese gender chart says “Girl” for June on all of the ones I checked (and I checked at least 15 of them…)…

And–just in general–I’m feeling June for getting pregnant. (I’m just full of Famous Last Words lately, aren’t I?)

So.. hypothetically, conditions are almost ideal for making a girl. I probably should have more time under my belt with the supplements… (the correct supplements. Ugh.) but maybe with all the pH adjusting and the diet and the other supplements.. maybe that will give me the “push” that I need.

Regardless–I’m so excited!

I need to order my pH tester and my Diva Cup. I can’t believe I’ve put them off for so long 😦

Oh, NO!!!


Shoot me, now, please.

I had no idea. None. I was taking Calcium Carbonate instead of Calcium Citrate. Argh.  Huge, gigantic bottle of pills, down the drain 😦

Oh, well–since the “Baby Making” hasn’t truly begun, hopefully not too much damage occurred…

The Seven Sway Methods

Really–I’m just copypasta on this one. Mainly because I can never ever ever find the link when I need it! Sooooo frustrating! (And yes, thank you–I actually have bookmarked it.. like. twice.. and for some crazy reason it keeps disappearing) 😦

The Seven Sway Methods, compliments of Tamara, originally found here

“The seven factors are:

  1. pH– this means the pH caused by diet, hormones, ions, supplements and douches. A douches is not as good as changing your pH through oral methods.
  2. Minerals– You NEED to track your Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium.  For ttc a girl and ttc a boy you have different targets to meet.  Minerals are first obtained through diet then supplements.
  3. Diet- It is very important to stick to the gender diet as posted in the FAQ forum on IG.  1000’s of hours have gone into this diet.  It is more than just a swaying diet as it encompasses  all the studies (gender diet, pH, ions, minerals) into one diet.
  4. Hormones–  This is only controlled through supplements, diet and drinks.  Studies show that  hormones play a huge role is swaying
  5. supplements– I put this in the 7 sway factors because it backs up so many of the factors.
  6. Timing–  Many studies say that Timing does not work.  However 3 newer studies say it may.  Because of the new studies I have left Timing in the sway factors.
  7. Ions–  Ions can effect the polarity of your egg and your pH.  Ions come from many different sources and some people are as effect by them as others.”

She goes on to say that she almost considered adding cervical mucus (CM) to the list, but ultimately decided against it, as if we follow all of the above, then “CM should fall into place”.  She adds that, for TTC A girl, we will want Creamy to Dry CM! She also states that–if nothing else, we need to follow the diet. It’s that important to even having the potential to sway.

Hm. Gotta work much harder on that diet 😡