So we’re going to do EGS. We’re only doing it for 2 months and if we don’t get pregnant, then we’re definitely sticking with IVF/PGD mid January.

If I do get pregnant, we will hope it’s a girl. (Which it won’t be, of course, but I’m going through the plan, so bear with me :p) IF it’s a girl, then we cancel our IVF/PGD plans.

If it’s another boy (which it will be, of course), then we schedule IVF/PGD for early 2012 (as soon as my cycles are regular again).

I can live with that. And I can be happy with that.

Guess it’s a good thing that I stayed on the diet, huh? hehehe. Since af is gone, we’re taking supplements again now. My pH seems the exact same (hovers between 4.5 and 4.9) as does my husbands (7-8).

So I don’t lose, either way πŸ™‚ I mean, short of being pregnant twice rather than just once if EGS doesn’t work (which it won’t–let’s be realistic…) unless, of course, I don’t get pregnant from the EGS attempts and we just go straight to IVF/PGD in January.

Ok. Phew. Got that all out.

Now–I’ll be updating this more often and I’ve got a tiny little camera so I can take slightly better pics πŸ™‚ We’re going to be doing SU/TBM daily between today and the 4th of July. Fun times! I’m actually contemplating doing it every other day though… hmm..

Anyway, yeah–I’ll be taking some pics of tonight’s “experiment” and will post them either tonight or tomorrow. πŸ™‚


Quick update…

As you are all aware–we’d decided on saving up for High Tech (IVF and PGD) to ensure that our next pregnancy would, in fact, be the girl we both are desperate for, since I am not 100% comfortable with EGS and even Microsort doesn’t have high enough odds for me.

Some things are changed–some are the same.

We’re still planning on IVF/PGD. But it’s been brought to my attention that trying again after an EGS attempt would be something to consider. The only thing is me. My husband would love to have 100 kids. I wouldn’t mind that, either–aside from the fact that I’m really not a fan of pregnancy (childbirth is different–that’s “easy”–pregnancy kicks my ass, though) He said that he’s really not as comfortable with IVF/PGD (the “extra” embryos) and that he would like to try with EGS first and, if it ends up giving us another boy, then without question, we would 100%, no questions asked do IVF/PGD as soon as we were able to after our 6th son was born.

I can’t see where I would really lose in that situation… aside from having to be pregnant one more time than I’d wanted to. I’d get another son, which would not be bad at all if I could be guaranteed a girl after him. (And hey–I’m the one who wanted twins–a boy and a girl ideally–so I’d get that.. sort of ;))

I realize I’m probably being sort of anti-feminist, my body, my choice, etc. etc. But his concern about the “extra” embryos is a very valid one to me. Mainly because it also is a concern for me–just to a lesser degree than it is to him. I would rather not have to go through all that (not even considering the monetary aspect–just all the shots and drugs etc. etc.)

So I’m going to think about it.

I’ll give it a week or two. I’m still on the diet (why, I do not know) and everything (just not taking supplements since I’m still having af visit urgh!), so we’d be able to “try” as soon as I ovulate again. I guess I just–at this stage–have to decide if having one more pregnancy or two for the comfort of our collective conscience verses the physical discomfort. I would like to figure it out before af stops… just to maximize everything and because I’d have to start taking the supplements as soon as she leaves.Β  I’m guessing I have 48 hours before she’s 100% gone… let’s hope I have come to a decision by them.



So dear Aunt Flo is here. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… or upset…

Yes, we did have unprotected sex twice (the 12th and 13th–but at that stage, I already knew I hadn’t ovulated so I knew there was absolutely zero chance for me to get pregnant)…

And I knew we stopped TTC for a bit (though good news, we’re going to start again as soon as my period goes away)…

But it still really sucks 😦

We’re going back on the supplements as soon as AF goes away. I’m supposed to ovulate–hypothetically–the 28th. Yeah. I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m trying to stay positive… but it’s just so hard to. 😦 I didn’t ovulate! June was perfect. Everything was lined up so perfectly! Now… now, it’s too late. It’s too late and things won’t line up as smoothly as they were lined up for the 12th for ages 😦

So let’s see where this “early” period will leave me.

  • I should be ovulating between June 28th and July 3rd.
  • June 28th, my biorythms line up nicely in “girl” territory, but leave there and go into “neutral” July 15th, at which point they move into “boy”.
  • June 28th, my husband’s neutral until July 3rd, short girl period until July 7th, then neutral again until July 19th where they’re “girl” for one day and swing directly back to neutral.
  • FULL MOON. Ugh. Boy swayer, right there. No idea when the next New Moon will coincide with my hypothetical ovulation. It’s too “all over the place”
  • It will be Summer (officially)
  • Sexwizard says Girl for conceptions from June 28th through July 16th.
  • Chinese Gender charts are in agreement with Sexwizard.

So I guess it could be worse… though the full moon really messes things up 😦 And this is, of course, assuming I ovulate at all. 😦

My husband is going to try really hard to abstain for 7 days prior to our attempts. And instead of just doing O+12, we’re going to be doing SU and TBM every day between the 28th and the 3rd.Β  This is going to be tricky–as we’re hypothetically moving that week… but we’re going to give it a shot. My husband abstaining is a HUGE deal. He never has. I joke that he hasn’t abstained for more than 12 hours since he hit puberty πŸ˜€ (and hey, it’s probably true! hahah) If he can actually pull it off, we will both be amazed πŸ™‚ There’s really no pressure, though. If he can’t, he can’t–no big deal. Hopefully the SU/TBM will help tip the odds in our favor a little bit.

Ah. We’ll see. I really just kinda want to be pregnant at this point. Getting my period today was crushing–even though I knew it was impossible for me to be pregnant.

I guess getting it so “early” is a blessing–as we have another chance for June, now. I hope it works out.

…or not.

So I’ve apparently been fooling myself. The line isn’t getting darker, at all! In fact, I’m almost positive that it’s getting lighter!!! Seriously–it was so faint every time I tested today. Much fainter than yesterday. And I know I didn’t miss it–I’ve seriously been testing every time I use the bathroom at this point. This is so disheartening!

Honestly, I will be so sad if our O+12 attempt isn’t the 12th. Everything was “lined up” for a girl conception! That, and if I ovulate “late”, my fasting will have all been for nothing! Ugh.

But I’ve got to stay positive. I can’t stress out. Stress sways boy, after all πŸ˜‰

We did another trial run of SU tonight! With a condom this time instead of the cup! Still wasn’t perfect, but it was a LOT easier with the condom than with the cup! I’d have pics to share, but you know, my camera being dead and all.. well.. the cell isn’t good enough to really show anything 😦 I miss my camera 😦 I wish I could figure out what’s wrong with it… sigh.

But I digress! The point was that it seemed like a successful test! Huzzah!

In other news, my husband’s pH is around 8 and mine hovers between 4.5 and 5 😦

Maybe I just wasn’t meant to have a girl!

What is Swim Up (SU)?

Please note!!! The methods outlined below are found in GREAT detail and written with extreme time, effort and care in the in-gender forums by people who have tried, experimented, spent a lot of heart, time and effort into compiling these methods and lists free of charge so that we can all have a shot at family balancing, despite your budget (or–in some cases–ethics)!

So what’s this SU method that you will be using?

Well–the Swim Up theory is based on the idea that the “boys” (a.k.a the Y chromosome bearing sperm) will flourish in the “ideal” pH levels. Hypothetically, providing these ideal pH levels would result in encouraging the Y Bearing sperm to “Swim Up” through an egg-white substance, toward such perfect conditions, leaving the “girls” (a.k.a the X chromosome bearing sperm) at the bottom, of the test tube. After an incubation process, the top layers are carefully selected and discarded, leaving–hypothetically–the “girls” at the bottom. This bottom sample is what we will use as our sample, as it should–again, in theory–contain only X chromosome bearing sperm!

Well.. that is silly & you’re crazy.. but Ok–so what next?

Next, we will take a sample from my darling husband (he’ll be suffering, let me tell you, Internets!)–who has been humoring me by changing his diet, taking supplements, hot baths in Summer and all other manner of weirdness to keep me quiet (though he’s smart enough to insist it’s because he, too, wants an little girl)–and taking said sample, putting on my Mad Scientist hat and getting to work! Along with the sample, I will need;

  • An Incubator (& something to periodically check its temperature) (you can buy these relatively cheaply, or you can make your own. We’re going to be making our own)
  • A non-latex, non-spermicide condom, sterile cup (for the sample-catching)
  • pH Strips or a Digital pH tester
  • Lime douche tampon (made by soaking a regular tampon with the applicator in a lime solution with the appropriate–tested–pH levels)
  • 7% Pickling Vinegar mix (or, again, a lime mix)
  • Needless syringe
  • Diva Cup
  • And–of course–the sample

Before we do all of this, we will “prep” the incubator–getting it up to the correct temperature–and have our lime mixture warming up to body temperature (no lower than 98 degrees F and no higher than 99..) so that it will be ready to use. We will be warmingΒ  the mixture up in the incubator (we’ll have the space) or it can be warmed up in a sink of hot water. It’s advised to not use a microwave to warm the lime! Then, we test the pH of the sample!Β  We will need to have it between 4 and 4.5 for ideal conditions for those Xs. We’ll then have to add–ever so gently–our lime and sperm together, swishing it gently to mix it. (for no longer than 10 minutes!) At this point, we can decide “Oh, hell–this is too much!”Β  and we can use that sample–or we can continue on. I’m pretty sure that–with at least our first try–we’ll be continuing on. (For the record–the process outlined above is called the Turkey Baster Method–or TBM and probably the easiest, least involved of the three “available” EGS @ Home methods for trying to conceive a girl.

Ok, ok–get on with it, already!

Here are the steps to take before we actually start incubating!

  1. My dear, patient husband will provide me with his sample in a cup
  2. We will then proceed to place the semen in the bottom of a test tube and take note of the measurement
  3. Carefully place an equivalent amount of Egg White mixture on top of the semen in the test tube. I stress CAREFULLY! We will have to do this extremely carefully! We cannot touch the semen with the tip of the needless syringe! The eggs white mixture should–theoretically–be floating on top of the semen and stay there.
  4. Then, we will place the test tube in an incubator at a 45 degree angle. Be sure the temperature inside the incubator is approximately 99 degrees F. Do NOT exceed 100 degrees!
  5. Take note of the time! The concoction should incubate for one hour.
  6. I will–while that’s started–douche a small amount of lime and water (one tablespoon of each) using a medicine dropper (you can also get a douche bottle for this)
  7. After the hour of incubation (do not exceed!!!), use a dropper to suck up any sperm at the top of the tube as well as all of the egg white mix! Theoretically, these portions will contain the majority of the Ys (boys) and only very small amounts of the Xs (girls). We will then check the sample using a microscope to see what sort of swimmers we’ve extracted! They should be swimming “fast” and “straight”. DISCARD these!!! (Unless, dear reader, you’re reading this and gunning for a boy :p in which case, I suggest you check out the in-gender forums like I did for details on how to “make” a boy :p
  8. Whatever is left in the tube, I will then carefully pour into my Diva Cup (after checking pH levels in my vagina and checking a tiny portion of the sample under the microscope on a clean slide to be sure I’ve got “slow” “circular” swimmers, of course!).
  9. I will go with the above method, using a lime mixture and gently swishing it in with the sperm (on thinking, I’ll probably do this before I put it in the Diva Cup, to avoid unnecessary spillage…) CHECK PH LEVEL!!! I’m unsure the level it’s supposed to be–as I’ve heard a couple of different things–so I’ll have to edit this post later to reflect the exact pH level the lime//semen mixture is supposed to be at. As of this moment, I think it’s a pH level of 4.5-5…
  10. After all is said and done, I will place my Diva Cup with the mixture in my vagina (normal Diva Cup wear, up “on” the cervix). Every 30 minutes, I will remove the Diva Cup, test pH levels, add lime when needed for optimal pH levels and reinsert. Again, I’m not 100% sure on how long to do this for–but I will be doing it for at least 4 hours.

I will be doing this 8 to 12 hours after ovulation! I will be testing with an ovulation kit to see as exactly as possible when I ovulate.

Again, please note!!! The methods outlined above are found in GREAT detail and written with extreme time, effort and care in the in-gender forums by people who have tried, experimented, spent a lot of heart, time and effort into compiling these methods and lists free of charge so that we can all have a shot at family balancing, despite your budget (or–in some cases–ethics)!