And now for something completely different: What’s in a name?

So I guess some of yo might be wondering where the name came from.

Could I be referring to the Chaos that is trying to conceive?

Or, perhaps, the Chaos that will result in this crazy ass experiment that I’m playing at?

Maybe I feel that Chaos is the ultimate zen state (or something)

Well.. it’s really none of those things. Though, yaknow, those are all pretty good guesses. Go you!

What Trying for Chaos actually means is..

wait for it..

…you’re never going to guess this..

Really.. you’ll think you know.. but then you’ll think “Naw.. they wouldn’t do that.. that’s just.. cruel”

Well.. I guess we’re kinda cruel parents. What can I say?

We picked a girl name, solidly. Before, it was Lilith–but I feel that name is cursed (since I’ve had it picked when I was with my ex–a WHOLE different can of worms, there!–it just doesn’t feel “right” anymore. Now.. the name we have finally settled on is definitely a weird one. I already know the poor girl would be teased relentlessly, should she choose to use it. But we’ve given her a normal middle name (as is the case with all of the boys..) When they’re old enough, they can choose what they want to be called.  First or middle.

So.. her name will be Chaos Amber ______. Yeah, yeah–get it out of your systems cuz that’s what it’s staying as :p I personally love it. My husband loves it. It “fits” with our other kids’ names. (If you have ever read The Chronicles of Amber, you will perhaps understand. Amber–in the books–is one of the two “true” worlds–representing order. Chaos is the other “true world” (really, the Courts of Chaos) which–of course–represents chaos. Chaos and order, light and dark, yin and yang. So her name will represent balance. So yeah–the name has great meaning to us, both. And, like I said, we both think it “fits” with the rest of our kids’ names. So whilst she will hate us, we hope it’s temporary. Hell–I’d have loved to be named something like that as a kid!

So there you have it. If we are lucky–our baby girl will be named Chaos. Hence the blog title–trying for Chaos. (Though all those other ideas you came up with would work, too :p)

On another note, if we’re destined for another boy, his name will be Random. Also from the books. We haven’t picked a middle name for him yet, though.. mainly because we’re kinda hoping we don’t have to 😉