I can’t believe I’m looking at a CRIB…

So seriously? I’m a co-sleeper, through and through. Honestly, there’s NOTHING better. And for the occasions when they’re sleeping and I’m not, pop ’em on the bed before that “rolling” stage and during that rolling (or even scooting/crawling stage!) there’s the Pack n’ Play.

Being faced with having another baby, however, puts things in a different sort of perspective.

I’m fairly certain that our youngest will still be snoozing in bed with us by the time the new kiddo joins the family. And that’s Ok (unless we have multiples.. then.. not so much). The only time I think I would truly be concerned is nap times.. when the current littlest two are awake.

Now, my elder 3 were old enough when our 4th was born to know how fragile and delicate (hah!) new babies are. So it was never an issue. However, our fourth–when our fifth was born–was a whole different story! He just thought that he could play with him the same way he played with his older brothers. I can’t fault him–but it made nap times less than ideal.

I’m not sure when I made this decision–but I think that this little one is going to actually have a crib. If not for night time (because I seriously doubt I could not co-sleep with a newborn!)  then at least for those nap times throughout the day. If for nothing else, for safety.

I came across this gem in my searches. The STOKKE® SLEEPI™. Oh my goodness, but I love this system! I just LOVE it! I know pretty much all cribs “grow” with the baby these days–which is a good thing! But I absolutely love the way this one does it (the only down side is that it’s not a “true” convertible–you have to buy kits to get it to “grow” and they system is expensive, regardless. This and the bedding is expensive and, of course, you have limited options) However, these things aside, I still absolutely love it–and I will actually be scouring the Internet for one (as cheaply as possible!) because I’ve now got my heart set on it. (And considering how “anti-crib” I am, to me that’s a pretty big deal!)


Ask me anything!

Ask me anything!!!

You can be totally anonymous! I’ll try not to be offended by the “YOU ARE INSANE DO YOU KNOW THAT??!?!!!?” questions  😉

(Almost) All Signs Point to Girl!

So I checked when I’m supposed to be ovulating in June… between June 10th and June 15th…

Then on a whim, I went to check the new moon phase for June.. it’s supposed to be a new moon on June 15th…

Biorythms (which–like ions–are totally confusing to me…) for my husband June 15th are all in the negative…

Biorythms for myself on June 15th are all positive (a low positive, but still positive)…

It will be “Summer” June 15th…

Sexwizard says Girl for conception on June 15th…

Chinese gender chart says “Girl” for June on all of the ones I checked (and I checked at least 15 of them…)…

And–just in general–I’m feeling June for getting pregnant. (I’m just full of Famous Last Words lately, aren’t I?)

So.. hypothetically, conditions are almost ideal for making a girl. I probably should have more time under my belt with the supplements… (the correct supplements. Ugh.) but maybe with all the pH adjusting and the diet and the other supplements.. maybe that will give me the “push” that I need.

Regardless–I’m so excited!

I need to order my pH tester and my Diva Cup. I can’t believe I’ve put them off for so long 😦

The Seven Sway Methods

Really–I’m just copypasta on this one. Mainly because I can never ever ever find the link when I need it! Sooooo frustrating! (And yes, thank you–I actually have bookmarked it.. like. twice.. and for some crazy reason it keeps disappearing) 😦

The Seven Sway Methods, compliments of Tamara, originally found here

“The seven factors are:

  1. pH– this means the pH caused by diet, hormones, ions, supplements and douches. A douches is not as good as changing your pH through oral methods.
  2. Minerals– You NEED to track your Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium.  For ttc a girl and ttc a boy you have different targets to meet.  Minerals are first obtained through diet then supplements.
  3. Diet- It is very important to stick to the gender diet as posted in the FAQ forum on IG.  1000’s of hours have gone into this diet.  It is more than just a swaying diet as it encompasses  all the studies (gender diet, pH, ions, minerals) into one diet.
  4. Hormones–  This is only controlled through supplements, diet and drinks.  Studies show that  hormones play a huge role is swaying
  5. supplements– I put this in the 7 sway factors because it backs up so many of the factors.
  6. Timing–  Many studies say that Timing does not work.  However 3 newer studies say it may.  Because of the new studies I have left Timing in the sway factors.
  7. Ions–  Ions can effect the polarity of your egg and your pH.  Ions come from many different sources and some people are as effect by them as others.”

She goes on to say that she almost considered adding cervical mucus (CM) to the list, but ultimately decided against it, as if we follow all of the above, then “CM should fall into place”.  She adds that, for TTC A girl, we will want Creamy to Dry CM! She also states that–if nothing else, we need to follow the diet. It’s that important to even having the potential to sway.

Hm. Gotta work much harder on that diet 😡

Welcome to Trying for Chaos!

Welcome to you, all! I’m unsure how you found your way to my little blog–but welcome! Hopefully you will enjoy our journey trying to conceive Chaos!

In this blog, I will be using At Home Extreme Gender Swaying and going into as much detail as possible! (You know–without getting too crazy with the TMI :p) If anything is too graphic–which I don’t anticipate–I will be sure to warn you in advance!

The methods I will be using are based on a compilation of my own personal research–but they will mainly be using methods that I found in the Gender Treasure Trove–in-gender.com! We will be attempting to use the Swim Up method (a.k.a. SU) method coupled with O+12 (Ovulation plus 12 hours). These methods–hypothetically–will help us to conceive a girl! And let’s face it–I’m completely willing to give it a shot after 5 boys, even though it’s not a “100% guaranteed” method!  🙂

So enjoy your stay!