Yep. Nothing.

No ovulation, no darker lines. Nothing.

I am a little more than crushed.

My biorythms are boy til July after tomorrow. And if I ovulate tomorrow, we can’t try tomorrow (unless it was in the AM which is highly unlikely to occur).

At this point, though, I’m so desperate to just be pregnant and be done with it all that I’m contemplating saying to hell with it, all. My body has betrayed me 😦 Or maybe it’s just a sign. Whatever the case, I’m frustrated and angry and tired 😦

The 12th is also my last fast day. At this point, if I don’t freaking ovulate tomorrow, I’m just going to go back on the stupid diet. Ugh. If I can’t rely on my body there’s no way I can gauge when I’m should start the fast. And I won’t do more than 7 days. So where the hell does that even leave me? It leaves me nowhere.

Yeah.. I’m feeling slightly defeated. But what can I do? If I don’t ovulate tomorrow morning, I’m done with fasting. If I don’t ovulate before the 15th, I’m done w/TTC for June.

So disappointed at this stage 😦


It’s been a while

I know it’s been a while since I updated–tsk! Haven’t had much to report, unfortunately–or fortunately, depending on how you look at it 🙂

I’m fasting right now. A 7 day fast. It’s driving me nutty! But if it increases my chances even slightly, I’m game 🙂 (For the record, this isn’t just some crazy insane theory–I don’t do those so much, regardless of how “desperate” I am–you can read some details here, but here’s a neat little excerpt:

AbstractFood restriction or decreasing the ratio of [Na+, K+] to Ca++, Mg++J in the diet of female rats before conception favoured the production of female offspring. Seven days of food deprivation decreased uterine fluid GPC diesterase activity in female rats, whereas long-term food restriction (21 days), rather than decreasing the enzyme activity, apparently stimulated it. Dietary Ca and Mg supplementation, likewise, produced significant decrease in GPC di esterase activity. A significantly positive correlation was observed between the levels of uterine GPC diesterase and secondary sex ratio change, which indicates that these dietary techniques of sex-ratio manipulation may modulate the uterine fluid GPC diesterase activity and influence sex determination in utero.

So yeah.. I’m giving it a go and hoping that helps. Even slightly. And hey–it’s only 7 days, right? People fast for a month. I should be able to handle at least that!

Anyway, our first experiment is tonight! We will basically be doing it every day between now and when I ovulate so that we kill two birds with one stone (frequent release as well as becoming adept at the processes involved). I will be posting pictures (though keep in mind, some will “feature” semen, so it could quite possibly be TMI for some!)