It is to dream…

So I know it’s just because I have “Baby Girl on the Brain”–but WOW–last nights dreams were so vivid.. so real… so freaking awesome!

I mean, it was SO real. It was like I went to bed last night and woke up 4 months in the future, pregnant (seriously hugely pregnant) with TWIN girls! Just… wow. What a dream.

I won’t bore you with the details (because, seriously–when is it ever interesting to read–or hear–about other peoples dreams ad nauseum?) but let’s just say that I woke up both extremely happy and horribly crushed. Happy, of course, that I knew what it was like–even if just a dream–to be pregnant with a girl. Hell–two girls! Crushed, of course, because it was just a dream and not at all indicative of the events that are currently unfolding.

And really–if we look at my history, I always, always dream about little girls. Through all five of my kids, I had visions of a little blonde haired, green eyed princess, dancing with her brothers in the rain, or little red-haired twin girls playing with an enormous dollhouse. The only real difference between this dream and all of those is that I was actually pregnant in this one, while in all the others the girl (or girls, as it sometimes happened) were always at least 2. But, very likely, this just means that I’ll have something like triplets and they’ll all be boys x) hahaa, wouldn’t that be something :p

Anyway–the big day should be around mid June, from my preliminary calculations. SO nervous. SO excited. SO hopeful!!! Around June 10th should be my big O! I’ll be testing like a crazy woman so I don’t miss it x)