SOOOOO sorry!!!!

So it’s been a LONG time. I’m so, SO sorry for that. It’s been crazy around here. I love it–wouldn’t change it for anything–but it’s been impossible to sit down and update!

So much has happened!

I’ve fluctuated frequently between “Oh, I am going to be sad if I have a girl” to “Oh, I am going to be sad if I have a boy” and so on and so forth… it’s been a roller-coaster, for sure. I don’t know if I could ever do this again, despite plans to wait 5 years before we do anything permanent.

I’m going to give a sort of bullet point style update, chronologically 🙂 Hopefully it will get you all caught up with everything on this end and I will try so hard to keep this updated from now on!


Had my NT scan yesterday and the tech said he was 85-90% sure that the lil’ one is a girl. I saw a lot of screen time of the nub and I agree with this, though I’d have said a straight 100% because the nub was so typical and obvious.

UNFORTUNATELY, because my darling child was being.. well.. uncooperative (but wow, it was SO awesome to see the acrobatics! I just kinda lay there with a look of awe on my face), we weren’t able to get any nub pictures. We did get a between the legs shot but we all know 12w2d (kiddo measuring 12w4d which ironically were my original dates… hah) between the leg shots are not accurate for the determination of sex. Further to my misfortune, my scanner is broken AND I can’t find the card reader for my camera, so I can’t actually post the picture. Sigh.

Another thing–I of course was talking to the tech throughout the whole thing. Making a nuisance of myself, probably haha but he was great, friendly! In the beginning, I was referring to the little one as “he” and so he did, too. However, after he made his initial assessment, he started to say “she”. I, however, continued to say “he”. He said to me “Trust me, that’s a little girl in there” and even “What, you don’t believe me? I’m sure that’s a girl”

THAT was a shocker! This whole pregnancy, every sign, old wives tale, symptom–it’s all been classic boy. When I heard him say that–and I saw the nub for myself, just.. wow! I was floored. It was so hard to believe. So hard, in fact, that after 2 days, I didn’t believe it at all!

I spent the time between now and my next excerpt, I’d decided seriously and solidly that I wanted a boy. I thought about having a girl and.. it scared the crap out of me. Unfortunately, I don’t have a date for this one.. but.. it was some point :p

So.. Ok, yeah–I have decided that I actually WANT to stay an all-boy mom! Who’d have thought?! So.. now I’m actually really hoping that my BOY feelings are accurate! I remembered when my GD started.. and it was when I was CONVINCED that my 5th was a girl. And because I was SO convinced of that, I wanted a girl. Before that–I didn’t care. I didn’t want boys or girls–I just wanted babies! When he turned out another boy, I can honestly say I was crushed. And from that point, I wanted a girl, no matter what.

But yeah–I won’t ramble–I’m almost back in the healthy place I was, before. I think having a girl is too much for me–so I DO only want boys at this point.Before, I just wanted babies 😛  So I’m not completely “recovered” yet. And God help me if this does end up being a girl.. I think I’d have to put my GD shoes back on.. and that would be depressing 😦 (I think I’m safe, though–I’m pretty sure I’ll hear boy again!) But yeah.. fx we hear it’s a boy on the anatomy scan!!!



So we (Ok, I) was freaking out all night.. we could not find the heartbeat on the doppler and we tried all night. It was awful. After our previous losses, well, we decided that we would get checked out. We got there and had to wait an agonizing 30 minutes until it was our turn. Long story short, everything is fine–there’s a beautiful heartbeat, baby was active and looked fantastic.. and is 100% a girl. We are.. completely floored. Happy.. excited (I, personally, am scared to death along with those feelings). My 2nd is going to be so happy.. he’s my little GD sufferer (poor guy) but yeah.. everything is great, she (I can’t believe I am saying she) is looking wonderful. I guess she was just hiding out last night (seriously we tried ALL night to find it and just couldn’t.. I was crushed)

So yeah.. I’m having a girl. It’s going to take a bit to get used to… but I will.. and I already love her (geesh, after feeling like we’d lost her for the past 24 hours, it’s impossible NOT to hah) just.. need to get used to it.

So… wow. We are having a girl. I am in shock. Petrified. And shocked.

Of COURSE I am over the moon type happy! Just knowing that she is healthy and whole–and still there! She could be quadruplet girls and I would be over the moon. Not being able to find the heartbeat was so positively scary… I am so thankful that she is Ok.

Just.. have to figure out this whole “girl” thing. hehe. I have some time, though! We are so thankful. I can’t wait to meet her! (Ok, I can wait. Until late March/early April 🙂 )



So dear Aunt Flo is here. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… or upset…

Yes, we did have unprotected sex twice (the 12th and 13th–but at that stage, I already knew I hadn’t ovulated so I knew there was absolutely zero chance for me to get pregnant)…

And I knew we stopped TTC for a bit (though good news, we’re going to start again as soon as my period goes away)…

But it still really sucks 😦

We’re going back on the supplements as soon as AF goes away. I’m supposed to ovulate–hypothetically–the 28th. Yeah. I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m trying to stay positive… but it’s just so hard to. 😦 I didn’t ovulate! June was perfect. Everything was lined up so perfectly! Now… now, it’s too late. It’s too late and things won’t line up as smoothly as they were lined up for the 12th for ages 😦

So let’s see where this “early” period will leave me.

  • I should be ovulating between June 28th and July 3rd.
  • June 28th, my biorythms line up nicely in “girl” territory, but leave there and go into “neutral” July 15th, at which point they move into “boy”.
  • June 28th, my husband’s neutral until July 3rd, short girl period until July 7th, then neutral again until July 19th where they’re “girl” for one day and swing directly back to neutral.
  • FULL MOON. Ugh. Boy swayer, right there. No idea when the next New Moon will coincide with my hypothetical ovulation. It’s too “all over the place”
  • It will be Summer (officially)
  • Sexwizard says Girl for conceptions from June 28th through July 16th.
  • Chinese Gender charts are in agreement with Sexwizard.

So I guess it could be worse… though the full moon really messes things up 😦 And this is, of course, assuming I ovulate at all. 😦

My husband is going to try really hard to abstain for 7 days prior to our attempts. And instead of just doing O+12, we’re going to be doing SU and TBM every day between the 28th and the 3rd.  This is going to be tricky–as we’re hypothetically moving that week… but we’re going to give it a shot. My husband abstaining is a HUGE deal. He never has. I joke that he hasn’t abstained for more than 12 hours since he hit puberty 😀 (and hey, it’s probably true! hahah) If he can actually pull it off, we will both be amazed 🙂 There’s really no pressure, though. If he can’t, he can’t–no big deal. Hopefully the SU/TBM will help tip the odds in our favor a little bit.

Ah. We’ll see. I really just kinda want to be pregnant at this point. Getting my period today was crushing–even though I knew it was impossible for me to be pregnant.

I guess getting it so “early” is a blessing–as we have another chance for June, now. I hope it works out.

TTC Temporarily Suspended

Family emergency–so TTC is being put off for now. I’m too stressed to be sad about it, to be quite frank. I sincerely hope to start up again within… well… as quickly as possible. However, the nature of the thing is such that we don’t know when we will be able to continue. We will still be taking our supplements and trying to stick to the diet (though we will be far more lax with it), but yes.

I am so sorry to “ditch” everyone in the middle of this. Just goes to show you that no matter how well laid your plans, God sometimes has other ideas about what you should be doing.

I hope to be back, soon. ♥

pH etc….

So my pH is unfortunately hovering around 4.5/5 😦  My husbands is 8. Hell, even our pasteurized eggs are only 9! This actually really sucks 😦

My pH should be around 4… his should be around 7/7.5 (so he’s closer than I am, at least..) I’m going to start working with lime tampons to see how that changes my pH levels.


I guess it could be worse…

In other news, I’ve decided on a midwife for my prenatal care. Well–I guess it’s a group of midwives.. regardless, I found a place where I feel comfortable (at face value) going to for 40 weeks. Granted, if all goes well with the pregnancy, we’re going to go Unassisted again. That was the best birthing experience ever and we would love nothing more than to have a similar birth for our last. I’m definitely not going to tell them that–as I intend to call them (.. just when it’s too late :x) so they can check him/her over and probably me, as well. I don’t mind that so much. I just prefer to birth alone, on my own. It’s a very private, sacred, special thing to me… having strangers there is anything but comfortable for me. I labored alone for our last baby and woke my husband up in time to “catch” him. It was such an amazing experience for us, both. Our other kids slept through it, completely 🙂 They woke up to a new little 11 pound brother 🙂

If things aren’t going well enough for us to be comfortable with another UC (pre-term labor, breech delivery intimidates me and in the miraculous event that we’d have multiples, if either one of them were breech, I don’t feel I would be able to handle that on my own… that, and general complications that I’ve never had before and hopefully will not), then of course we will go to their birthing center or to the hospital, whichever is warranted.

But I’m going to hope that doesn’t happen 😉

And we have photos!

Albeit, crappy cell phone photos–but photos, regardless!

This cute little outfit's going under our mattress!

This cute little outfit's going under our mattress!


As I mentioned yesterday, I’d gotten a little pink panda outfit to go under our mattress.. well, this is it! It’s so adorable.. I really do adore Pandas!

I probably should have gone with something all frills and lace–but… well… I just couldn’t help myself, really…

This would be Chaos’ very first outfit 🙂




Let's see if we can pull this off...






Next, of course, we have to pasteurize the eggs. This was actually kinda freaking me out! I couldn’t figure how I’d get this done without actually cooking the eggs!

I sat basically on top of the stove (ok, not literally, obviously!) watching the thermometer. Despite hearing advice to take the pot off the burner when the 5 minutes were up, I opted to leave it on. First try pasteurizing… transferred them to a smaller pot to cool and…




Pasteurized Eggs!

Voila! Pasteurized Eggs!


Eureka! It worked!  Totally stoked about this 🙂 Especially considering I was totally freaking out about it!!!

Now just a couple more–these are pics of the incubator that my darling, patient husband put together 🙂

I think he did a smashing job 🙂 Granted, I was the one who went nuts with pink paint, but still! The only thing that’s missing–and that’s only because it hasn’t yet arrived–is the thermometer that goes inside! The dimmer capabilities will help us maintain temp easier 🙂 Now to figure out how to/if we should try to get it to “seal” better when closed.. hmm

ANYway.. that’s all for pics for today! Sorry about the poor quality 😦 I hope to have my camera up and running before we get down to the nitty gritty 🙂

It’s almost June!!!

So of course, I’m completely nervous! x)

I’ve got all the “What if…” ‘s floating around in my head~

  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • What if it takes forever to get pregnant?
  • What if it does work?
  • What if we (Ok, most likely I)  screw up the experiment?
  • What if we can’t even get the practice runs right?
  • What if.. what if.. ugh!!!

Needless to say, aside from being ridiculously excited, I’m astronomically petrified! I know the chances of us getting a BFP the first month TTC (not to mention the first month EGS!) are probably pretty low–but still. June just.. feels like the month! I can’t shake the feeling.. it’s deep in my bones. Granted, a similar feeling also assured me that our youngest was a girl, and you see where that got us ;p And let’s face it–getting pregnant–while it’s never been a hardship for me–it’s never been a quick or easy thing, either. 😦 But I’m going to think POSITIVELY–and I’m going to think pink–and say that June 2010 is our month!

I can’t believe I’m looking at a CRIB…

So seriously? I’m a co-sleeper, through and through. Honestly, there’s NOTHING better. And for the occasions when they’re sleeping and I’m not, pop ’em on the bed before that “rolling” stage and during that rolling (or even scooting/crawling stage!) there’s the Pack n’ Play.

Being faced with having another baby, however, puts things in a different sort of perspective.

I’m fairly certain that our youngest will still be snoozing in bed with us by the time the new kiddo joins the family. And that’s Ok (unless we have multiples.. then.. not so much). The only time I think I would truly be concerned is nap times.. when the current littlest two are awake.

Now, my elder 3 were old enough when our 4th was born to know how fragile and delicate (hah!) new babies are. So it was never an issue. However, our fourth–when our fifth was born–was a whole different story! He just thought that he could play with him the same way he played with his older brothers. I can’t fault him–but it made nap times less than ideal.

I’m not sure when I made this decision–but I think that this little one is going to actually have a crib. If not for night time (because I seriously doubt I could not co-sleep with a newborn!)  then at least for those nap times throughout the day. If for nothing else, for safety.

I came across this gem in my searches. The STOKKE® SLEEPI™. Oh my goodness, but I love this system! I just LOVE it! I know pretty much all cribs “grow” with the baby these days–which is a good thing! But I absolutely love the way this one does it (the only down side is that it’s not a “true” convertible–you have to buy kits to get it to “grow” and they system is expensive, regardless. This and the bedding is expensive and, of course, you have limited options) However, these things aside, I still absolutely love it–and I will actually be scouring the Internet for one (as cheaply as possible!) because I’ve now got my heart set on it. (And considering how “anti-crib” I am, to me that’s a pretty big deal!)

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