Sorry this post is so late!!!

I know you have all just been dying to hear more about me 😀 hahaha

Well.. here are the tests (in order) from the last 3 days

The line is definitely getting darker. My only concern is that the last test was a different brand so it’s not much darker. I mean, it’s still darker and you can still easily tell that there’s been progression (and, as such, my hcg +s are likely steadily increasing–especially since I’ve had zero spotting since the first time!)

So.. I am–at this point–confident in saying…


Another awesome thing? The cramping? I’ve determined that it’s not cramping, at all. It’s just the left side of my uterus is sore. And today? It’s hardly sore at all! I’m really starting to feel confident about this baby, now! I think he’s going to stick!!!

My husband is convinced that this is finally our girl after 5 boys.. but I don’t think so. And honestly, after being so afraid that I lost him/her? I will be happy with a healthy, whole baby of either sex!

So yes–I have more to update later.. just SO tired and busy! EDD March 24th–but I think (s)he will be born closer to Daddy’s Birthday (4/10! It would work, you know? Because we found out about him/her on my birthday–it’d be awesome if (s)he was born on his!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amanda
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 13:31:21


    *fist pump to the air*

    I am so freaking excited. I hope it’s a girl, I totally do. I know you will be happy no matter what but yeah. lol.


    • tryingforchaos
      Jul 21, 2010 @ 14:00:28

      <3!!! I feel the same way!!!

      It's like I already *know* it's another boy hahah! Since my last pregnancy, I don't believe *at all* in "pregnancy symptoms" to determine sex.. because my 5th boy pregnancy was the exact opposite of my previous 4 boy pregnancies :p Needless to say, this pregnancy so far is exactly like my first 4, so yeah–not much hope, there! hahah

      Bless you for hoping for me, though ❤


  2. missyslair
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 16:28:46

    “I think he’s going to stick!!!” No no no… SHE’S going to stick… So excited for you!!


  3. Jodi
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 02:20:57

    Congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you.

    I’ve been following your story for a while now, I found you on IG!

    Anyway, I’m just really excited for you.


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