I haven’t had any more blood… yet. Still a lot of cramping.. but no more pink. Discharge is fluctuating between egg-white and creamy… cervix, however, is medium-low and soft. Ish.

I did take another test… I couldn’t help myself. The positive is still there. Still faint but–dare I say–stronger than it was. It gives me a small bit of hope. Not much… but something.  At this stage, I just don’t want to get my hopes up 😦

I guess we’ll see. I don’t know if I should go ahead with making an appointment with my new midwife or if I should just wait a month and see what happens.

I guess the good news is that if I am still pregnant, I was swaying fully at the time (minus EGS and Timing) so maybe it’s a girl :p Honestly, though, if I am? At this point, if I am pregnant, I’ll just be happy that the baby is Ok. I won’t even care. This whole thing has put so much into perspective. I went shopping for a new potty for our 2y/o today and stopped by the kids section and the girl stuff was cute, but it didn’t make me ache like it usually does.

Guess that’s progress 🙂


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  1. Amanda
    Jul 19, 2010 @ 15:13:10

    I think you should go ahead and get checked out- All the confusing symptoms might mean it is a tubal pregnancy (god I hope not) but if it is you need to know ASAP, letting it go could destroy future chances at conception

    ❤ LOVE YOU. I will pray for you that this is a sticky, healthy baby (or babies).


    • tryingforchaos
      Jul 19, 2010 @ 22:24:33

      haha–due to the super late positives, I’m pretty sure there’s only one! (Bummer! hahaha)

      I was totally worried about a tubal.. I mean.. TOTALLY stressing about it. But I won’t go to my midwife until I’m “8 weeks”, so I have about 3-4 weeks to go. And of course if anything weird happens between now and then (by weird, I mean gushing blood, extreme excruciating pain, etc.), I will high tail it to the MW or the ER if the MW isn’t “open” x:

      I LOVE YOU TOO BB!!! <333 Thank you for the prayers–I, well, we–totally need them!


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