An early morning sort.

So my darling husband provided me with a sample this morning and, of course–despite my general “blah” feelings toward TTC right now because I can’t seem to ovulate–I put the sample in the test tube, made sure my EW wasn’t too cold (room temperature in my house is 68 degrees, so yeah…) added the EW on top of the sample (and here’s where it gets weird–it stayed on top the whole time–I could see it–but when I was staring at it, either my vision is all blurry because I’m so tired or everything turned the same color. Honestly. I blame being tired, though. I feel like I haven’t slept for a week šŸ™‚ Good times!

So we’ve got 45 minutes left to see if the sort was successful. I’m starting to think I’m going to need to pasteurize some more eggs the rate my husband going šŸ˜€ hahaha It’s cool, though šŸ™‚ At least this part is fun. No one else to fault for my body betraying me šŸ˜¦ (yeah, I know–I’m probably being melodramatic and I’ll probably Ovulate soon.. I hope.. but ARGH the timing will be all off šŸ˜¦ So sad.. so I’m going to vent about it)


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