Ow. That hurts :(

Still no positive Ovulation tests 😦 And I’m supposed to be ovulating today. I could cry. Sure–the line isn’t any lighter (which I suppose is good, as I could barely see it yesterday…) than it was previously–but it’s not any darker, either. My cervix also seem to be confused. Sigh.

My pH is still about 4.75 which is so not ideal. I’m not even stressing about my husbands, though–I can always just tweak that with lime πŸ™‚ You’d think, though, that my pH would have dropped a lot 😦 Meh.

I’m having bizarre stabby pains in my cervix, as we speak. Seriously never happened to me before O_O!! It’s kind of.. well.. I think “scary” is far too strong a word–I’m not worried about it–it’s just.. weird. Anything “new” just totally throws me off πŸ™‚ Dr. Google isn’t giving me any answers. I would think (HOPE) that it’s ovulation pain, but it really just feels like it’s my cervix 😦 I don’t think ovulation pain is a cervix thing 😦 (and to be honest, I’ve never had ovulation pain, before, so I think after all this time, I’d recognize it)

It’s already stopped–whatever it was. But damn, that hurt! The only “cervix pain” I saw on Dr. Google was during pregnancy (not pregnant), with an STD (free and clear of those) or from people with abnormal paps (haven’t had one since my 5th was born, but that one was perfect.. ugh, I really need to get that done…) Sigh. I’ll just hope it’s something to do with ovulation x) Maybe my cervix is just opening up a wee bit and for some reason I can actually feel that. Or something.

I don’t know, this post has degraded into inane babble πŸ™‚ That’s a sign for me to get up, get breakfast done, get my husband out of the house and clean!


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